Hey everyone! It's Jimmy here, the owner of StarlandUS Boutique. I've been running this brand for five years now, starting from a little Etsy shop to this boutique. Along the way, I've met so many amazing people who love what we do. They're independent, charming, and have a unique sense of style. They love breaking the norms with their creativity. One trend I've noticed? More folks are picking coffin rings for their engagements. Let’s dive into why coffin rings are on the rise.


What's a Coffin Ring?

Just like what it sounds, a coffin ring features a center stone cut to look like a coffin. The "Coffin Cut" is unique and unconventional. You won’t find hexagonal gemstones like these everywhere. They’re rare, making the wearer feel truly one-of-a-kind. This special cut adds an extraordinary flair to any piece of jewelry. Crafting these unique shapes isn’t easy and requires top-notch skills.


Best Gemstones and Styles for Coffin Rings

When picking gemstones for coffin cuts, think about hardness, shine, and color. Harder stones like diamonds are perfect—they’re tough to cut but worth it. Black diamonds look amazing in coffin shapes. Moissanite, in any color, is also a great choice and shows off the cut beautifully.

Coffin cuts have a mysterious vibe, ideal for vintage, gothic, or even minimalist designs. Gemstones like black diamonds, salt-and-pepper diamonds, black moissanite, and black rutilated quartz are popular. Colored stones like rubies, garnets, and alexandrites also look stunning in coffin-shaped rings.



The Symbolism Behind Coffin Engagement Rings

Coffin rings symbolize death and eternity but mean different things to different people. In Gothic culture, they remind us of life's fleeting moments and the quest for what’s eternal. Wearing a coffin ring often means making a bold statement and bucking tradition.

At StarlandUS Boutique, we hope our coffin rings symbolize rebirth rather than death. When used as engagement rings, they stand for eternal love that goes beyond life itself. They scream “forever love” and “till death do us part.” These rings are non-traditional, and we see them as symbols of bravery. They’re a fearless way to express your unique style. How cool is that?


Why Are More Young People Embracing Coffin Rings?

 While coffin-shaped jewelry is still niche, we’ve seen more people picking our coffin rings at StarlandUS Boutique. We’re honored they think of us for their unique pieces.

So, why the shift? I think it’s all about individuality. Why should engagement rings always be diamonds? Why must wedding dresses be white? Why can't colored gemstones symbolize love? A coffin doesn’t have to mean death. Does everything have to fit one standard? Absolutely not! Choosing a coffin ring can mean self-affirmation, cultural identity, aesthetic preference, or even a little rebellion. The only answer lies within your heart. Like diamonds? Get diamonds. Love colored gemstones? Go for it. Prefer traditional cuts? That’s cool too. Want something unique? Coffin cuts could be your thing.



Who Should Wear Coffin Rings?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. Some say these rings are for Gothic fans, punk rockers, or those with unique personalities. Sure, if you’re into any of those, a coffin ring will show off your style beautifully.

But people are complex. Not a fashion pioneer? That doesn’t mean you can’t wear a coffin shape ring! It’s just a choice and doesn’t define who you are. So, who should wear coffin rings? My answer: there’s no “should” or “shouldn’t.” If you love the design, the symbolism, or the culture it represents, then it’s perfect for you.

If you’re into coffin rings too, check out StarlandUS Boutique for more options!

BTW, in our next blog post, we’ll talk about how to choose and take care of coffin rings.

See ya soon! 😄✨


May 22, 2024 — Jimmy Z