Unique style . Vintage inspired . Maximalist Design

Unique jewelry is created for the unique you! The inspiration comes from the universe's starry sky. After 5 years on Etsy, StarlandUS is rejuvenating and starting afresh as StarlandUS Boutique. In the past five years, friends and clients often suggested that I open a boutique for 'more unique' collections of my designs and here it is.

StarlandUS Boutique makes unique engagement rings and unique jewelry that are reminiscent of the splendor of our past and longing of the future. Each of our piece are 100% handmade and uniquely designed for you. StarlandUS Boutique is an upgrade - Here we take more time with every detail of the rings, we offer 2-year warranty for every piece, we handpick every stone and best stones possible, we use solid 18K and platinum material. We want to make your experience here as unique as you and your story.

We have made tens of thousands of rings and witnessed people’s lives being soldered together with our rings. We couldn’t be more thrilled to continue the experience with you here at StarlandUS Boutique.

Unique style, vintage inspired, maximalist design are the most distinct features of StarlandUS. We firmly believe - More is more. You will see some unique stones and cuts, some dramatic vintage rings or even extra designs that most people find 'too much', that is just the celebration of life, and larger than life.

Crescent Moon Collection is the core of StarlandUS Boutique, it comes from the universe, a place of spirituality. We believe that everything comes with its own energy and spirituality. Whether it’s moon, or a starry night sky, or just a gem can bring you energy and each and every one of us is like that moon, that night sky or that gem, we sparkle in our own way. You may be as calming as the moon, shinning as the stars, hard as a meteorite, mystic as the universe. You’ll find your energy and your sparkle at StarlandUS Boutique. In the future, you will discover more cosmic power at StarlandUS.

A lot of you stopped for the Crescent Moon Collection, some were attracted by the unique gems we used, and some were obsessed with the Coffin rings and its ‘Till Love Do Us Apart’ sentiments, we thank you for being the unique you and gave us a chance to impress you.

Sometimes we often ask ourselves, why does the wedding dress have to be white, why does the engagement ring have to be a diamond, why do I have to be like everyone else? I mean, what could possibly be more pleasing than appeasing the unique individual that is you? At StarlandUS Boutique, encounter the unique you, light up your unique sparkle.