It is crucial to accurately measure your ring size before placing an order. Most of our rings can only be resized up or down by about one size. Otherwise, it may be necessary to remake the ring, and the cost of remaking a ring is 30% of the original price.
Most of our rings are easy to size for a skilled jeweler.
If you ordered the wrong size, we recommend having the size adjusted at a local jewelry store. This can avoid the risks and costs of shipping high-value items back and forth, and you can get your ring back more promptly. Of course, within the 90-day unconditional warranty period, we're willing to fully reimburse you for the cost of resizing locally (reimbursement with an invoice).
If you can't solve the issue locally, feel free to contact us at any time and send back.
The cost of resizing is generally between 80-100 dollars per ring for your reference.
Note: Some designs and settings cannot be resized, such as full eternity bands and platinum material rings due to the hardness of the metal. All rings can only be resized within a limited range (we can increase or decrease the size by 1)